More Opinions, Please!

My boyfriend brought up a great point the other day. I was telling him about my blog (he hadn’t read it yet) and he asked, “But did you insert your opinion?? Did you add ‘the Nicole DiVito’ flavor to what you’ve learned?” (Funny man). I told him yes, although admittedly, I’ve held back a little… (Don’t want to be so opinionated that I push away readers!)

But his question got me thinking – So many financial experts/blogs/articles spew out cold hard facts without ever giving their own, unbiased opinions. “You should do this. You should do that.” In truth, there’s nothing I’d love to know more than the unbiased personal opinion of someone with a finance or accounting degree! Don’t tell me what I should be doing. Tell me what you’re doing, and why. What percentage of your salary do you save? How do you invest for short-term goals?

Unfortunately, I do not have a financial degree. But I do have passion and the desire to weed out the bad advice and promote the good!

So to circle back to my previous post about spending 5% of your salary on clothing… it’s fine if you want and can do this, but I think it’s terrible advice to follow any of the wardrobe recommendations in this article, such as spending $100 on a pair of sandals and $85 on a satin skirt if you make $30,000 a year. (Really?) I know several people who make more than that and find incredible deals for less.

What other terrible financial advice have you seen?